The Universal

I think the name The Universal comes from the fact that this place is universally good! I actually found this place through a good old fashioned google search. Turns out reviews are great and it's actually listed as the #1 breakfast spot in Denver according to the Westword, check out the top 10 here. As … Continue reading The Universal

The Bindery – Market Place

The Bindery is my place to come to when I'm feeling classy! It features an elegant dining experience as well as a market place. (which is where I spend my time) I have to start with the atmosphere because it's my favorite part! It's elegance meets urban and the combination is absolute perfection! Learn more … Continue reading The Bindery – Market Place

Carbon Coffee

I actually discovered Carbon Cafe & Bar through one of my hipster yogi friends that lives in the highlands (Big Surprise), but the actual surprise is how deeply I fell in love with the spot. It is next to Habit Doughnut Dispensary (that post will be coming soon) so that may or may not have something … Continue reading Carbon Coffee

Atlas Coffees

Atlas Coffees is constantly appearing on my Instagram story, and for good reason...It's MY JAM! It's a small coffee shop located in an obscure Ken Caryl shopping center, on the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains. (Talk about location) This coffee shop is invested in their community and the stories they have to tell. It's a … Continue reading Atlas Coffees