Well Hello There! My name is actually Ashley, but everyone calls me Babz. I am 25 years old and live in Denver, Colorado (#ColoradoNative)

I’ve always had a passion for breakfast, and now that I am a more-or-less adult I try to make every breakfast count. When I became that girlĀ that posted to her story before eating her food, my friends began to recognize my love for all things breakfast. The questions of “Where that place was?” or “Was it good?”, came trickling in and that’s when it hit me, the world needs Breakfast with Babz.

I work in Major League Baseball, and obviously have plenty of time for morning adventures since things don’t really get going at the field until the afternoon for most games. When I’m not at the field or eating, I do my best to burn off those glorious breakfast calories. I enjoy indoor cycling, hot yoga, running Red Rocks, barre and the occasional la gree class. Trust me, keeping these buns from looking like cinnamon buns is hard work when you enjoy breakfast as much as I do.

Use this blog as a resource to find some great recommendations for your next coffee outing or brunch date