OneFold is located in a small space off of 18th street in the Uptown neighborhood. Rewind three years ago, I worked four blocks down from OneFold had seen it but never stopped in. One day I was stuck in one of those brain-foggy afternoons, and found my way to OneFold. I walked in looking for a strong latte and found a gem of a breakfast spot.
**side note they don’t actually serve lattes, they just serve plain old coffee. Consider yourself warned.

Now that I’ve saved you from the awkward latte order is out, let’s get down to it.

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OneFold has a rather concise breakfast menu, but it honestly has something for everyone. And in a weird way it reminds me of an upscale tamale kitchen. Weird I know, but let me explain. Three of the best things that I’ve seen come out of that kitchen are huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, and breakfast tacos.

Another reason you have to feel good about a breakfast at onefold is what they’re about:

“We are a small restaurant in Denver, CO that focuses on making homestlye foods with as few ingredients as possible. Our dishes are inspired by family recipes. All of our food is non GMO, plus most is local and organic when possible.” – taken from the horses mouth….so to speak

Upon my most recent visit to OneFold I enjoyed sausage breakfast tacos, featuring homemade tortillas, (you know how your girls feels about homemade carbs), a crispy stack of hash browns, fluffly eggs, and topped with a grilled slice of mozzarella cheese. The kitchen is wide open and only separated from the dining area by a half wall, so from observation it looks like the cooks really know what they’re doing.onefold 2

Also be warned because this kitchen is so open, I have never left this restaurant without smelling like bacon grease.

I will admit I usually don’t plan anything except a shower after meeting friends or grabbing breakfast at OneFold but it’s worth it! The food is well executed, and accompanied by a good cup of coffee.

There is a good amount of seating but it fills up fast and is first come first serve. In the summer they do offer a couple patio tables out front that are always nice to enjoy the Colorado sunshine. The staff has been very pleasant and ensures your cup of coffee is always topped off.

I would recommend OneFold for a lazy day off breakfast spot.

Find them here:


1420 E 18th Ave Denver, CO 80218

Instagram: @onefold_denver

Twitter: @OneFoldDenver

Facebook: /onefolddenver/

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