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Hello long lost friends! Cactus League Spring Training swallowed me whole this year. I was able to enjoy some great breakfasts while in Scottsdale, Arizona, but I have unfortunately not had the time to share them with you…..until now!!

Short backstory: I head out to Scottsdale, Arizona from February-April every year to work at Salt River Fields during spring training. It’s a lovely change of scenery and an opportunity to explore new breakfast and coffee spots. Since trying to catch you up on everywhere I went individually would be obnoxious, I’ve decided to create one mega round up post of the best spots I found in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area! I’ll make sure you’ve got a solid list of places to check out on your next adventure to Phoenix!

1. Berdena’s

In front of Berdena’s is a small chalkboard sign that reads “Best Avocado Toast in Town”. If you don’t consider that a sign, I don’t know what is. Berdena’s is a small shop with only a few tables and some counter space to work but don’t worry, because they offer outdoor seating as well. The atmosphere is open, inviting and encourages you to relax and enjoy the dessert feels of Scottsdale. The menu offers an enticing pastry case, fresh waffles and of course, avocado toast. The avocado toast was everything I was hoping for! Crisp, thick cut bread and perfectly smashed avocado with a hint of oil and spicy topping. I highly recommend!!  In addition to the avocado toast, I tried a “banana bomb” which is essentially banana bread topped with icing (It was a treat yo self kind of day okay?) and a honey lavender latte. The prices were typical of a small coffee shop so expect to pay a little more than your average Starbucks trip, but I guarantee it’s worth it. Berdena’s is my number one coffee shop recommendation from my Scottsdale adventures.



Find them here:


7051 E 5th Ave Suite I
Scottsdale, AZ, 85251

Facebook: /Berdena’s

Instagram: @Berdenas

2. Lux Coffee


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If you’re closer into the Phoenix metro area you are going to want to try Lux Coffee. It’s eclectic to say the least and it gets busy fast! They offer tons of seating for working or for conversation, with lots of Instagram worthy views. Be aware there’s not a ton of signage in front of Lux Coffee, so trust your navigation. There is parking behind the bleak, grey brick building and inside you’ll find a gem for breakfast. The breakfast menu has something for everyone, from New York Strip & Poached Eggs to organic steel cut oats to their huge selection of pastries. I got my usual almond milk latte and a blueberry muffin, and thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lux Coffee. They actually roast all of their coffee beans in house to make your latte that much better. Like I said, this place get’s busy fast so if you want to avoid a line plan on getting there before 7:30am, but hey, if you’re not the early bird a little bit of a line is worth the experience you’ll have at Lux Coffee.


Find them here:

Lux Coffee 

4402 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85012

Facebook: /luxcentral

Instagram: @luxcentral

Twitter: @Luxcentral

3. The Local Donut 

Ya’ll know I had to track down a donut shop and I found one of the best!! I actually had a co worker bring in donuts from The Local Donut and it peaked my interest so I had to find out for myself what it was all about.  Located in a small, rather run down shopping center, you don’t want to miss what this shop is serving up. The shop only has a couple tables, the counter and cases of donuts, but that case of donuts is glorious!! They offer “traditional donuts“, those are your glazed and cake donuts, then they’ve got “Classy Donuts” which are your filled donuts, and of course you’ve got your “Fancy Donuts” and this is where it gets good. Fancy donuts include flavors like Apple Fritter, Cinnamon Roll ,Caramel Goodness, Creme Brulee, Fruity Pebbles, Maple Bacon, Oreo Cookie, PB&J, S’Mores, Apple Pie, Cherry Pie, Peach Pie. Hmmmm yes all the above are just as amazing as they sound. My personal favorite is the vanilla bean croissant doughnut with a cream filling and topped with a raspberry, be aware this one is only available Saturday & Sunday. Another reason why I love The Local Donut is the coffee they have. They offer a kona blend, houseblend, blueberry, and hazelnut flavor…..and I know every coffee purist in the world is cringing as I say this but, I am a sucker for flavored coffees! Both the blueberry and hazelnut are killer! The Local Donut definitely became one of my happy places during my time spent in Arizona.


you can find them here:

The Local Donut 

3213 Hayden Road,
Scottsdale, AZ 8525

***Closed Mondays****

Facebook : /TheLocalDonut

Instagram: @TheLocalDonut

4. Fàme Caffe

Summer is good! Doors open tomorrow at 7am!

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I saved the best for last! I found Fàme Caffe through a recommendation from someone I actually met at Lux Coffee. (The breakfast community of the world sticks together apparently) Fàme Caffe sounds like a fancy, high end breakfast restaurant but it is actually the complete opposite. It’s welcoming and cozy and offers casual dining with high end food. Fun fact: Fàme actually means hungry in Italy and northern Spain. The menu features carefully sourced foods and will satisfy any foodie. If you’re feeling healthy I recommend the Veggie Scramble; two eggs scrambled, chèvre, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, chives, toast, house potatoes *insert fire emojis*. If it’s a Treat-yo-self kind of day, get the pancakes and add bananas. Pair that with a coffee or horchatta latte and you’ve got yourself one hell of a meal! Fàme also offers a spacious dinning room with giant windows that gives the space lots of natural light and open feels. The light fixture & plant combo they’ve got going gives some serious opportunities to update the ol’ inst story. If you’re looking for a good breakfast to enjoy with company or a place to get some work done & have a bite to eat, Fàme Caffe is the place to do it.



Find them here:

Fàme Caffe

4700 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Facebook: /famephx

Instagram: @Famacaffe

Twitter: @famecaffe

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