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Travel alert! I went to my home away from home in the Lone Star State. San Antonio is one of my favorite cities and they boast some great eateries. It was a quick and busy trip but I had to make time for at least one coffee pit stop.

I made it to Local Coffee’s in the Alamo Heights neighborhood. It’s off a main street and you can’t miss the antique sign above charming windows. I’ve actually been following Local Coffee’s on the ‘gram for a while so they were already on my list of places to hit up. Keep in mind they have 7 locations in the San Antonio/Austin area, which speaks volumes to the quality of their shops. Back to the Alamo Heights location, it offers plenty of natural light and work space. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. Even though I was just visiting, I was treated like that was my neighborhood coffee shop.

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Upon walking in I noticed a familiar coffee bag on their shelves; they carry Sweet Bloom Coffee, which is actually located here in Denver. (Don’t worry a post about them is on the horizon) Seeing a local brand, no pun intended, made me feel even more at home. Local Coffee’s prides themselves in carrying coffees from some of the best roasters in the world. So naturally, they decided to roast their own and that’s where Merit Coffee Co. comes from. Let me Clarify: When you visit their website the url is actually MeritCoffee.com, but they are essentially the same company, with two different entities. Don’t worry it took me a second to figure that out too.

Clearly they know their coffees, so needless to say the almond milk latte I had was flawless. In addition to my latte, I had a home made pop tart and donut. (don’t worry I shared).

Turns out the donut was from local donut shop, Maybelle’s Donuts. (Yes a post is coming about them too). It was chocolate sea salt flavored and resembled an entenmann’s chocolate donut but tasted 1000x better!

My experience was absolutely unblemished; a great latte, a donut, and an inviting atmoshpere! I know San Antonio may not be on your list of places to visit, but you should most definitely consider it and be sure to put Local Coffee’s on your to do list.

You can find them here:

Local Coffee’s 

5903 Broadway, San Antonio TX, 78209

Other locations can be found here

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